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Home to the MacQueen Awards. Founded following a generous bequest by the late Dr Ian MacQueen, and his belief in the contribution that community health practitioners make to public health.

MacQueen 2024 Awards

The MacQueen Awards

Practice development

Initiatives undertaken in practice to facilitate the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups or communities

Research project

A research project focused on the enhancement of practice in community settings

Professional development

Engage in professional or academic studies to enhance the applicant’s practice

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Dr Ian MacQueen

Dr MacQueen was a Medical Officer of Health in Aberdeen, and a Vice President and Trustee of the Health Visitors' Association, now known as the CPHVA.

He believed passionately in the contribution that health visitors make to the health of a population, especially in public health. He wished to support this work, and reward individual health visitors for work that demonstrates excellence.

2023 winners

"I am grateful that I have been awarded a Macqueen grant via the CPHVA as not only does it support my own professional development in completing my masters qualification, I am also able to use the findings from the dissertation in my work and disseminate it through my service leads to make future improvements in the care our service provides."
Anna Hurdus
Anna Hurdus Health Visitor 2023 winner
"Winning the MacQueen bursary award has enabled me to start completing my master's in professional healthcare practice whilst working as a health visitor. I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity as it's allowed me to put forward a research proposal from an idea I have been working on for a while.  It feels rewarding receiving this award and I would encourage other professionals to apply."
Amy O'Brien
Amy O'Brien Health Visitor 2023 winner
"I feel very honoured and proud to have been awarded a Macqueen’s Bursary.  It will support me to continue my professional development and research into the importance of embedding community nursing practice into undergraduate nursing education.  The bursary offers a fantastic opportunity for CPHVA members to develop professionally and fly the flag for community nursing practice."
Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips Lecturer Child Nursing 2023 winner
"The award has enabled me to undertake some extra training around Children's sleep to enhance my work with the health visiting team sleep clinic... It has also enabled me to add to my professional development portfolio. I would recommend anyone to apply for this funding it is straightforward, and it can open up opportunities that perhaps you or your employer would not normally be able to fund."
Melody Lane
Melody Lane Assistant Practitioner HV Team 2023 winner
Previous winners
"Winning a MacQueen award has given me the opportunity to access advanced breastfeeding training...and helps to support my aim to improve breastfeeding journeys for the families I work with ...through enhancing my knowledge and skills."
Emma Fernandez
Emma Fernandez Health Visitor | 2022 winner
"I feel so fortunate to have been awarded a MacQueen bursary. This opened the door for me to continue my education and in September 2022 and I started my M.Sc. in perinatal mental health at Sheffield Hallam University."
Eileen O'Sullivan
Eileen O'Sullivan Specialist HV 2022 winner
"The knowledge and skills obtained through training will be used to strengthen support for families transitioning from the NICU/NNU environment and promote early, sensitive 
Heather Pointer
Heather Pointer Health Visitor 2022 winner